Ryo Kitamura Aer Gel Kit

Ryo Kitamura Aer Gel Kit

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This complete airbrushing kit includes six Aer Gel colors in 6 custom designed shades, a portable, rechargeable Aer Gel Machine (compressor), and a premium quality Aer Gel Head. This set contains all of the tools necessary to spray on smooth ombré and various custom airbrush designs. It is crucial that the Aer Gel head and machine are cleaned routinely to maintain high-quality performance. Suggested to clean with the Aer Gel maintenance kit (sold separately).

The versatile system- Apres Aer Gel system features a 0.2 mm nozzle on the head that delivers a super-fine mist so you can create stunning ombré effects, mesh art, as well as design fine-detail work using stencils and illustrations. Just press down on the trigger, pull back, and spray!

The Aer Gel Machine houses the compressor and a lithium battery, which holds its charge for 40 minutes. The machine also has 2 different speeds and can be recharged in 3 hours. A charging cord is included.

The set also features individual Aer Gels in 6 different colors. They were formulated with a pre-diluted, thin viscosity formula for hassle-free use with the Aer Gel Head. You can easily mix different Aer Gel colors together to create your own custom airbrush colors! Aer Gel formula won’t dry and clog the Aer Gel Head like traditional airbrush acrylic paint!


Set features:
Complete 6 Color Set of Aer Gel
Aer Gel Head
Aer Gel Machine
Charging cord
Transparent travel bag